Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Two More Posts on Psychology Today...

Acne and Suicide

Acne, Mental Health, and Diet

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  1. Hi Dr. Deans,

    I followed the links above to "Your Brain on Omega 3." The biochemistry of why one's omega fat ratio is pretty convincing, but I just don't see how animals that evolved in the African interior could be so dependent on cold water fish for health. It doesn't make sense that we should evolve to need something that would only have been available to humans living on the coast.

    Or are you just saying that our meat sources, including grass-fed, are so screwed up that we should be eating fish in order to balance out our intake?


  2. You have touched upon an anthropological mystery. One theory is that modern humans went through a genetic bottleneck and great leap forward in reasoning at about the same time as the few humans were living in coastal Africa. See my post "the monolith" for this discussion. However, somehow we were able to survive deep dark ice ages in interiors with our omega 3 requirements since then - dr bg has touched on this in her last Few posts on animal pharm. Ultimately we don't need much omega3 - a few grams a day if we aren't dousing ourselves with O6. But the theories are conflicting and unresolved.

  3. Hi Emily,

    thanks for the information, but the second photo ("before" and "after") is the work of photoshop, not omega-3... Notice that not only the angle is exactly the same, but the hair as well (down to the single strand of hair over the ear).

    Otherwise, keep up the good work!

  4. Yeah, I'm going to change that picture when I get a moment. The pictures from the study are creative commons so I will use those.

  5. All right - pictures changed. Post in haste, repent at leisure as they say.

  6. I don't think omega-3 is that hard to get in the African interior. Consider the amount of omega-3 in the following foods at 100g portions. (data from nutriondata.com)

    • salmon, wild - 2018 mg
    • lamb brain - 1610 mg
    • beef brain - 1225 mg
    • beef suet - 860 mg
    • pork brain - 790 mg
    • lamb tongue - 610 mg

    In the absence of cold water fish, you just eat some omega-3 rich organs and fat.


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