Tuesday, August 16, 2011

AHS 2011 Presentation - Slides and Video

Just in case you missed them:

The slides

Next up, I will look at carbohydrates, blood glucose, and mood connections.  


  1. How nice to watch your presentation!
    You look different than the picture here.
    Strange that the camera did not poin at the presentation also.

  2. Have you listened to this?
    Blogger CarbSane Calls Gary Taubes A Willful Fraud (Episode 436)


    Does this contradicts paleo in some way or only extreme low carb?

  3. Yikes. What can I say about CarbSane? I don't always follow her reasoning, and I truly dislike her antagonistic style. I think Gary Taubes did brilliant work with respect to exposing the fraud that is the lipid hypothesis and the diet heart hypothesis. I don't believe his carbohydrate hypothesis.

  4. Thanks for sharing the links - loved it. I'm bummed that I missed this event...I live just 30 minutes away!

    Anyway, I was intrigued by your answer to the question at the end about how you 'serve up' paleo to your patients. I struggle with this in my work. I write an Omega-3 blog for my company. Tons of readers but very few are interested in changing their diets and most are looking for a magic pill.

    Instead of always posting self-serving commercial blogs, I've slowly started sneaking in posts about the effects of too much Omega-6. It's a subtle way for me to remain on-topic yet give my readers some of the benefits of paleo. The reason for subtlety is that a few readers have recoiled after blunt introductions to evolutionary eating. There is definitely a faith/religion component to the rejection.

    So I'm back in the paleo closet!

    It's OK to publicly hate sugar and HFCS. My audience is largely puzzled to neutral about the vegetable seed oils message. Messages on wheat, grains and saturated fats are, for the most part, rejected.

    People are not ready. Sigh!

    My next post: How to reduce triglycerides without Lovaza or fish oil. Ha! (evil grin)


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