Friday, April 22, 2011

Three Autism Posts at Psychology Today

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Diet and Autism

Diet and Autism - Newer Studies and Intriguing Links

Autism - Inflammation, Speculation, and Nutrition


  1. Dr. Deans, the autism articles are fascinating. I hope they reach those in need of better choices.

    I like the cow photo, too. :)

    Thank you for your kind, generous work in offering such practical ways to enjoy better health. It is a dear blessing.

  2. Dr. Deans, I've just read Dr. Mary Newport's newest blog post at

    I am hoping you can shine a bright light on this. Her post runs contrary to what I understood Stephan Guyenet's post to say. Here is Stephan's:

    Here is the first part of Dr. Newport's blog post, so you know what the subject is:

    Dr. Suzanne de la Monte and Dr. Oz Show: Nitrites and nitrates in food may cause Alzheimer's

    On April 7, 2011, a former surgeon general and Dr. Suzanne de la Monte appeared on the Dr. Oz Show entitled, "A Revolutionary Breakthrough in Alzheimer's Disease," (can be watched on his website) where she presented her important research. She is the doctor who coined the term "type 3 diabetes" in reference to Alzheimer's disease.She found by accident that giving a nitrosamine compound called streptozotocin, used to deliberately produce diabetes, caused Alzheimer's in her lab mice.

    She learned that the brain produces its own insulin. She further found that this compound causes production of toxic lipids in the liver that cross the blood brain barrier and damage certain cells such that the brain develops insulin deficiency and insulin resistance. Nitrites and nitrates, found in very many processed foods, are nitrosamine compounds and could very well explain the epidemics of Alzheimer's, autism, diabetes, MS, Parkinson's and ALS, along with other neurodegenerative diseases that have insulin resistance, decreased glucose uptake as part of the process....


    Could you separate the wheat from the chaff, please?

    Thanks very much.

  3. As a self-diagnosed aspie, and someone who feels amazingly better when completely avoiding gluten, I can't say that avoiding gluten has helped my AS issues one bit. But I do feel better.


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