Saturday, April 2, 2011

Spring Fever

Updated Zombieland for Psychology Today - go over there and take a look, will you?  I know I should have waited for the week day, but I have Zombieland II to do also, and when I do get a relative moment of peace around here, I do like to take advantage.

We even had a chance to go outside, where my daughter's little plastic boat was found unhappily waiting for the snow to melt.  A turkey loped through the yard this morning, and you can see his or her track in the upper left.  We have a large family of wild turkeys in the neighborhood.


  1. Dr. Deans, I think you'll attract many young folks with that Zombie approach. I'm never quite sure what all the Zombie-talk is, but if it draws folks to think about real food and sound nutrition, that's super.

    I posted a comment over there, just to add some friendly support.

    Would you consider writing a blog post, or an article, about the effects and consequences of the use of plastic as food packaging and having so much outgassing from plastic everywhere, and what to do about it?

    Thank you for all your care and work in helping others make healthier choices.

  2. Thanks H! I'll look into it. That recent BPA study (though sponsored by the industry) was actually reassuring - BPA levels dropped within 3 days. Not sure about the outgassing. I don't always like to look for problems I can't do much about - even with plastics, as long as you don't heat things in them, or store it for a super long time, it's generally okay as a container, as far as I know. Something to ponder.

  3. Emily,
    forgive me for posting a very off-topic comment. I am not sure how to reach you and I want to bring this fantastic article by Carl Zimmer to your attention. "The Human Lake"
    Every one of us is a universe. Where the brain ends and our prokaryotic overlords begins is very shifty boundary.


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