Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Odds and Ends and the Donate Button

I've gone on a little endocannabinoid paper feast so I should have some more entries about that up soon.  Very interesting stuff, very complicated and interrelated with everything, and a zillion papers from the last several months, so cutting edge too.  The sort of system you don't want to screw up if you can help it.

In the mean time, you might have noticed my "Donate" button added to the right there.  I held off adding one for a while but it seemed like the right time now that there are a couple of options to give people.  If you feel this website is of value to you, feel free to donate - if you don't want to donate but still want to support the site financially, click though my blog at Psychology Today.  I've already received a few donations and they are much appreciated!  The textbooks do add up - I don't anticipate these websites or endeavors to break even in the near future (if ever),  but every little bit helps it to be less of a financial drain on the family.  That said, the intellectual value to me from doing the work for the site and the participation and back and forth of ideas in the comments is really invaluable.

Thanks so much!   


  1. Not sure which I'm looking forward to more ... your thoughts on the ECS or Stephan Guyenet's ideas on dealing with fat set points!

  2. I want the old picture back - in the blue - where you looked too young to have two children, let alone a psychiatric practice. Sorry, it just added to the "WOW! She's really smart" factor.

    And even though you've chosen to leave Texas for Massachusetts(?), you still make me just a little more proud to be a native Texan! I look forward to every new post. Thanks so much for taking the time to do this.

  3. Hi Beth - thanks for your initial comment on the eCBs, got me thinking about them more.

    Kathy - I know, not sure I like the new photo as I am awfully squinty. I'll probably replace it soon with a new one, now that it is warm enough to be outside without hats and scarves and whatnot. Just wanted a fresh look.
    I know, Massachusetts. There are reasons!

  4. Emily, then that's a WIN for me ;). So, so thrilled to have you look at this!!

    Pretty amazing to think you may not need to smoke a joint to get the munchies ... all you need is a diet full of high carb/high omega 6 processed foods raising your anandamide levels!

    BTW, came across this too ... not sure if it is in your pile ;)

  5. Oops duh ... apparently I just gave you a link to the Kim paper. My bad!

  6. That's nit the Kim paper - and there is another one on Meir inflammation and neuroplasticity that is mysteriously missing from DOI - I willmget my hands on them :-)

  7. (oops- was putting youngest to bed while responding on the iPad - hope it is partly intelligible)


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