Sunday, November 21, 2010

Cleaning Up

In lieu of a new and interesting post, something possessed me to organize the place this morning. So up on the right there I now have some more advanced disclaimers and a brand new site map. It's not finished yet (right now I only have the first three months up, I'm updated now - might be some fun reading for those of you newer to the site) and not pretty (a graphic designer I am not, and blogger can be fairly unwieldy with the font sizes and formatting).

My youngest child is amusing herself by trying to eat her hand. Good thing she doesn't have that many teeth. On the positive side, she learned how to say "vitamin" today! I better stop now as I need a certain aura of mystery to maintain my shamanistic role as a psychiatrist. Though it is likely the last vestiges of my dignity were lost when I joined Twitter.

A couple of music links (right click in new tab and you can enjoy them while you peruse the new map!)

The Limousines - "Internet Killed the Video Star" - The kids are disco dancing, they're tired of Rock and Roll. I try to tell them hey that drum machine ain't got no soul.

If you are of a more classical bent - Aaron Copeland* classic, "Fanfare for the Common Man." Copland has a unique sound due to what he left out - the major 3rd.

* Thanks music Doc - It's Copland. Not sure why but spelling was never my strong suit.

One more for Thanksgiving week coming up - Vampire Weekend, "Holiday."


  1. On the positive side, she learned how to say "vitamin" today!

    You are the coolest mom on the planet.

  2. Love your blog, even if I don't get all the science (just a music professor, after all). Which brings me to my point: Aaron Copland, not "Copeland," wrote "Fanfare." Given your profession, in which, one might say, you help others enter a sort of "Copeland," it seems an interesting as well as appropriate misspelling.

    And thanks for the blog. How you have the energy to write it with your job and family, I don't know!

    --Eric the "music doctor" (as my son proudly announced to the world when I received my D.Mus).

  3. Fanfare for the Common Man.
    I worked for years as a manager at an auto plant. When one of my guys retired, who worked afternoons. I came back to the plant as he left the building, I pulled up to the gate in my car, rolled down all the windows and played this as loud as I could when he passed through the gates for the last time.

  4. Like your brand new site map. VBR Hans

  5. Crap - now you have made my site look like a bloody tip! Cleaning up might have to wait until our LONG HOT SUMMER runs out... which hopefully isn't for a full 4 WHOLE MONTHS at least!

  6. Rob - I'm not *the* coolest by any means, but I like to think I'm moderately cool, at least to them. Until puberty, that is.

    E - Thanks!

    Michael - Nothing not to like about that song

    Hans - Thanks!

    Jamie - Sigh. Enjoy your summer.


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