Monday, October 25, 2010

End of Season CSA Soup and Blog Talk Radio

My interview with Leslie Irish Evans is at 3pm EST today (Monday Oct. 25th) on Blog Talk Radio. I have the honor of being her last guest on Blog Talk before she moves onward and upward to the I'm Thankful Radio Network with a potential audience of millions of people. Go Leslie!

Here's a soup I threw together Sunday afternoon, a bit regretfully, as this week and next week will be our last CSA shares until late spring 2011. The coconut was not from the CSA share, but rather purchased at Whole Foods. I'm not particularly concerned about being ultra low-carb as long as the carbohydrates are non-toxic. For dinner I had a small bowl full and a few smoked muscles* on the side.

End of the Season Butternut Squash Coconut Curry Soup

1 butternut squash, peeled and seeded and chopped
Water from one coconut (drill a hole in the eye and drain)
Meat from 1/2 coconut (Mister Doctor Deans used his machete, or maybe the band saw).
2 shallots (or small red onions)
3 purple dragon carrots (from the CSA share - regular carrots are just as good, but not as pretentious)
1 purple top turnip
1 clove garlic
2 tbs coconut oil
2 tbs green curry paste
dulse flakes
several glops of olive oil
1 container of chicken broth (we got the free range low sodium stuff. More awesome folks would have chicken stock frozen and available, but not I)

Simmer the whole lot for 35-40 minutes or so.
Blend with stand blender off the heat to desired chunkiness.
Season to taste.

Macronutrient ratios: No clue

Yummity deliciousness: 5 stars

(*That's late night posting for "mussels")


  1. quote: ... and a few smoked muscles on the side.

    typo for a tasty mollusk or intentional pun for tasty meat concoction?

    The soup sound great though.

  2. Just listening now! Will put a link up on my site!

  3. Lisa - yes, typo for a tasty mollusk. I wish it had been an intentional pun... if only I were that clever!

    Jamie - podcast interviews are fun and invigorating... but you never end up saying exactly what you thought you would say... am I talking too fast, too many "ums" and "errs" - I'm on the confident side, but confident enough for live radio? That remains to be seen :)

  4. I know what you mean! Still (nervously) waiting my debut. You certainly didn't talk too fast and I think you got some very important messages across, particularly with regard to diet and mental health!

  5. The interview was very good:)

    One minor correction. The cacao bean comes from the seed of a fruit. The fruit itself is very sweet (I´ve tried it myself) though not much of it since the seed is the biggest part of it. You can see a picture here:)

  6. Your interview was great - you didn't talk too fast at all. The only thing was that I was expecting a bit of a Texas accent... and there was nothing! ;-) In fact, you don't have much of an accent at all. I can usually hear some differences in most American's speech (I'm Canadian, eh?).

    Good info on the paleo diet and on depression in general. Very timely for me as my bro-in-law is having some major problems...


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