Sunday, September 15, 2013

Zinc at Psych Today

Terribly busy between back to school (both kids now have homework!) and my sister getting married last weekend (which required me to be a bridesmaid and also to supply a few adorable flower girls and some quick cross-country flying and jetlag). Also trying to get in our American Psychiatric Association Annual Meeting abstracts on time…my medical school class starts next week panic yet?

I'm still working on the nitty-gritty of zinc and depression from the last paper, but for a review: Zinc! An Antidepressant? at Psychology Today, so each click supports my research, writing, and the blog.

Appropriate new (amazing) song: Hurricane.

Trying to keep active and getting the girls out of doors as much as possible before the winter closes in. Not enough time for writing and thinking, but as always, those are luxuries, particularly in modern times. Doesn't that seem backwards? It seems to me there should be more time for leisure.

Keep eyes peeled for more on zinc and the pathophysiology of depression.


  1. Your site at Psychology Today isn't opening for me :(

  2. Consider your article well clicked:)
    Very well written and informative; thanks, as always, for sharing your research, findings, and questions .......... D


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