Thursday, December 27, 2012

Evolutionary Solutions for 2013

Hi all… a rare post that is only going live over at Psych Today without making an appearance here first.

Three Evolutionary Solutions for 2013

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  1. Hello Doc Deans:

    Is there an RSS feed for this blog?

  2. Hi Homer, if you scroll down on the right, you will see a button that says "join this site with google friends connect" which I believe is the RSS feed.

  3. Emily It's about time! I came upon your blog while searching for information on magnesium and found an intelligent doctor. Is there hope for evolutionary psychiatry? Is it really happening? Is there a new breed of doctors who are able to lead their patients to more holistic ways of dealing with chemical imbalances? Doctors today are just passing out drugs such as Lexapro, Wellbutrin, etc.. they will not address the whole other world that you and perhaps some of your colleagues are exploring- do you feel like you are swimming against the tide? ...or is this really a large movement within the medical world you belong to that is indeed supported, secure and pro-active ?
    Jb/aka Valaria-New York

    1. Most psychiatrists are very eager to help patients and know they are dealing with chronic conditions that require multimodal treatments. Not everyone is very friendly to giving up grains, but that is par for the course, and the data is not terrific. It's more of a fall back position on my part.


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