Friday, July 25, 2014

Elemental Health

New post on minerals at Psychology Today...expecting to write some new ones on magnesium and some more on genetics here or at Psych Today in the near future.

Ele-mental Health

Here's a new song by Spoon, which I believe is Austin, Texas' most commercially successful band:

Do You

Drink your mineral water!


  1. Read the article at Psych Today, just couldn't think of any cogent comment to contribute.

    Think about moving back west of the Mississippi. Don't you miss it?


    1. I do! I'm not a very good Yankee. Though I could settle in North Carolina.

  2. Emily,

    Do you have a preference between mineral water and bottled water with concentrace drops added?


  3. I am surprised you didn't mention nuts as probably the best natural source of various minerals. Is that intentional ? If the reason is IP6 there are ways to combat that chelator, and furthermore, nutrient itself is very valuable.

    1. Nuts! Yes, and seeds. Yes, there is phytic acid to contend with, but, as my father says, the tax rate isn't 100%.

  4. Sorry to change subject- I read an article by you on Circadian Rhythm & Pineal Gland Tumors from Jan. 17, 2011. I'm in Houston, TX & would like to know how I could talk with you. I suffered insomnia/sleep deprivation for 9 years, & in April of this year had a pineal cyst removed. Can't find doctors who know much about it that can help me here. Still struggling with weird sleep patterns, etc......

  5. Can my pure O OCD be caused by low histamine levels due to high levels of copper? There seems to be a correlation among the two. Would zinc supplements fix this imbalance?


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