Sunday, March 30, 2014

Tylenol in Pregnancy and ADHD in Offspring

Excuses, excuses...haven't blogged in a while. The kids keep me busy, and I've been working on some personal projects that make me happy, not to mention some major work going on with the practice, which, since it pays the bills, takes a good deal of my attention.

However, I do have a new article up at Psychology Today, about the recent JAMA Pediatrics article linking acetaminophen use and the risk of ADHD in offspring. It's an observational study, but the best sort of observational study. However let me warn you, I'm biased against acetaminophen from my experience working the ERs and ICUs. I do feel for pregnant women suffering pain or inflammation...what are they to use? If aspirin, other NSAIDs, and acetaminophen are all off the table... 

I've been hiding from conferences since AHS last August, but I'll be at PaleoFx (briefly) in mid April, on the Thrive Show (a google hangout) with Jennifer Brea (producer of what looks to be an amazing film called Canary in a Coal Mine) on April 22nd, and doing a couple presentations at the American Psychiatric Association Annual Meeting in New York City the first weekend in May. I'm teaming up with Drew Ramsey that Sunday to do a practical workshop for the practicing clinician on Food and Mood, and then Georgia Ede will join us on Monday for a full three hour symposium on Evolutionary Psychiatry. I'm very excited about both these presentations, and not just because Georgia and Drew are some of my favorite psychiatrists and people in general. 

The Evolutionary Psychiatry symposium will include sections on the gut/brain connection, all the latest data about the micorbiota and parasites, the immune system, and psychiatric disorders, but also reviews of minerals and hormesis/fasting and ketosis. If you are going to the APA, be sure to come out to see us, and come early, because last year our workshop was filled to the brim with some folks refused entry. We are planning exciting, interactive presentations that may be a little different from the typical dry academic talk, but still on point and evidence-based, of course. 

I will have a few more blog articles coming out at Psychology keep on checking back!


  1. come on now, if it weren't for tylenol overdoses, i would have a much smaller ICU census to look after.

  2. I am a new and appreciative reader. A practicing clinician in private practice for 30+ years my approach has long included the gut / brain connection. Having just finished 'the Whole 30' today I am wondering if you are familiar with this and have any thoughts on it.
    I will be in NYC in May and look for you.

  3. The gut is your 2nd brain.Put Roundup a Monsanto product in gut it kill your gut like it kills life.Hence kills parts of brain.Remember the wheat is sprayed after it's cut.Hellow, gluten that has Agent Orange on.Same thing done with soy.Hellow baby formulars.Autism, Gerd, Gluten.Killl the stomach, Kill the brain.

  4. " Acetaminophen passes through the placenta and the antioxidant destruction could conceivably cause neurotoxicity in a developing fetus,"

    or even foetal liver damage.


    (At least acetaminophen is not named orthocetamol in Europe.)


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