Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Healthy Skeptic Podcast

I was very honored to be asked to be interviewed on the Healthy Skeptic Podcast by the amazing Chris Kresser - here's the link:

Healthy Skeptic Podcast, Episode 13

There's also a new paper claiming that eating fat increases appetite by modulating the endocannabinoid system - when I checked earlier the paper wasn't up on pubmed yet but I will track it down and see if it passes the sniff test.

In the meantime, enjoy the podcast!


  1. Don Matesz has gotten a hold of it and shared his spin. The first comment is a hoot ;).

  2. Really great show with Chris!

  3. I just wanted to say that I have stumbled across this blog last week, and it is amazing. I have gluten ataxia, and I switched over to a paleo diet around 2 months ago, hoping to feel better. Cutting out gluten alone was not enough for me.

    The love the breakdown of studies, with links to other posts and relevant studies where appropriate. I can tell you put a lot of tie into this site, and I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate it.

  4. Really enjoyed it!

    When talking about Alzheimers and Autism, have you considered heavy metal poisoning (mercury, aluminium, lead) as one major cause?

    I think the reason why traditional diets high in carbs don't let to this deregenerative disorders in native tribes. They just aren't poisened from a totally toxic environment like we are due to more than 50.000 untested chemicals we ingest trhough food, air, water, household products, etc.

    Mercury is the second most toxic substance known on earth and through fish, amalgam fillings, food and the air we breath every fourth american is mercury poisened. Add this to lead, aluminium and other heavy metals in addition to those myriads of chemicals + neurotoxins in our diet (MSG, Fluoride, articifial sweeteners and additives) it is clear that on top of this a diet high in processed foods, cereals and sugar and low in saturated fats, good protein destroys even our last abilities to cope with this attack.

    I would love to see research on how a ketogenic, paleo diet actually copes with toxins and prevent or minimize the damage done.

  5. Nice to listen to you.
    What type of meditation technique do you use? I find it very difficult. How much does it take to see results?. Thanks

  6. Thanks everyone. - primordial - Dr. BG is interested in heavy metals and toxicity and I think has some posts on that topic (AnimalPharm)

    Gobbledy - I like yoga with a meditation-friendly teacher (though I am not particularly flexible) and Jon kabat Zinn's sitting meditation and body scan. There is also a 99 cent iPhone app called "simply being" that is a pretty good beginner meditation app. Start small and work up - I think 30-45 minutes near-daily is ideal, 15-20 minutes daily is better than 90 minutes on Sundays. 4-5 weeks into beginning a practice you will feel increased anxiety, generally. I'm sure others know other good sources.

  7. I am very interested in meditation, thanks. Although, sometimes is not enough. I have a friend who is taking care of and old parent and it is very stressful despite she meditates. She told me she bought some Rescue Remedy (a Bach flower remedy which for sure is a placebo). I believe in the placebo and the mind-body connection but I wonder if it is not better to take a real anxiolytic. Maybe she thinks what she does is having an effect but it does not. This person is sensitive to stress and demands.

  8. Dr. Deans,

    Great podcast with Chris last week. What are your thoughts on adult ADD? The reason i ask is that I have been struggling with these symptoms for quit some time and my therapist recently diagnosed me. I have always been skeptical of these type of drugs however my symptoms really effect my work and life. I am completely paleo for over a year and has helped with some symptoms. Can you give any guidance?


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