Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Updated "Your Brain on Omega 3" Post

Over at Psychology today:

Your Brain On Omega 3


  1. Hi Emily,

    Great post ... and thanks for the mention! Hope the psychologists find your blog!

    Best, Paul

  2. Your comment was the best part of that post over here! I had to include it.

  3. Dr. Deans,

    Excellent post, as usual. I noticed from the comments at PT that there is some confusion over lard. I order mine from Wooly Pigs near Seattle ( It is non-hydrogenated and kettle rendered. And the pigs are fed a diet that increases monounsaturated fat at the expense of linoleic acid. I find it an invaluable addition to my pantry, especially for high heat cooking.

  4. Dr. Deans, congratulations on your article. It is as delightful to read as I knew it would be.

    Thank you so much for writing it.


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