Sunday, March 27, 2011

Another Refurbished Post and Song

Happy Sunday!  I uploaded/updated another post on Psychology Today.  And here's a song, too, by Nancy Sinatra.

Bang Bang

How Stress Makes You Sick and Sad  (literal titles work well)

Here's one more song, good for a Sunday.  Jeff Buckely Hallelujah.

And one more.  For good luck.  Mad World (the Donnie Darko remix)

Shucks.  Can't really link a Jeff Buckley song without linking his best one ever:  Lover, You Should've Come Over.


  1. This may not be an "evolutionary medicine" topic but can you possibly discuss your thoughts on neurofeedback, which is essentially EEG guided meditation? It seems to be a promising new field but am interested in a professional psychiatrists opinion, especially one who is open to non-drug therapy alternatives for treating psychiatric conditions.

  2. This is a pretty good cover:

  3. Phillip - I don't know too much about neurofeedback. There was a recent study about using it for ADHD that was positive - though I haven't looked at the study itself yet. In the past I had a patient who was spending tons of money and not getting better with QEEG. Certainly there is positive data for biofeedback. What I don't know is about data comparing neurofeedback to other standard (and perhaps cheaper) meditative techniques.

  4. What are your thoughts, or will you cover in another post, on the possibility of reversing any of the damage done by chronic stress? The adrenal effects of chronic stress have gotten to the point in my life where I've just gotten myself put on an SRNI? drug...which I feel is just a bandaid. I'd like to use the clarity and energy that it's giving me to adopt other things in my life that will heal me so that I might not be dependent on the drugs.


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