Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Carbohydrates Can Kill Podcast

Find it here: Podcast

Thanks Dr. Su!


  1. Listened to it last night while preparing dinner (meatloaf with grass-fed beef, elk, and a variety of vegetables, butternut squash, and broccoli steamed in meat stew). Very nice interview. I noticed in Robert's interview with both you and Jamie that the timing between interviewer and interviewee is off. I presume that wasn't the case during the interview itself? I hope he fixes this in the future because it sounds like his interviewees are rude by continually interrupting him while he's speaking.

  2. I may well be very rude... We did the interview on Skype, so the delay issue is likely due to that. My other podcast I taped after taping this one (though it was released months ago) and was done via phone (land line), so it was easier to get the back and forth right.

  3. Emily, I was disappointed I didn't hear a Texas accent since you did much of your higher training in that state.

    [I was born in Houston and did residency and internship at Brackenridge Hospital in Austin.]

    Funny how George W Bush and Jeb Bush are brothers, yet only George has the Texas accent.

    Enjoyed the interview!


  4. I am born and raised in Austin - I do have an accent when I go back home! I did some volunteering at Brackenridge in college.


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