Wednesday, February 5, 2014

New Directions in Autism

Last Sunday I put out yet another new post on Psychology Today, but failed to link it here. It is a discussion of a very interesting long term cohort study in Crete, where the researchers used a sifting haystack approach to find some metabolic problems that might be causing the symptoms, then, in certain cases, presumptively treating the problem, leading to two successful remissions of severe autistic symptoms. While the methods are too cumbersome and there isn't enough data to use the approach on everyone, I can't help but think we are looking at the next iteration of the future of medicine. Better knowledge of what different organic acids mean when found in the urine, and how different metabolites present in the blood after a fast or a glucose bolus tell us something about the overall functioning of the metabolism…then a tailored approach. Those who had trouble with fat metabolism were on high carb diets and reported decreased symptoms. Those who had trouble with glucose metabolism went on ketogenic diets…etc. etc. It's a smart and forward-thinking approach that makes sense in research and in these devastating conditions for which there is no treatment or cure. (Yet more data would be nice!)

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But when does the needle in a haystack approach go to far? It's common for someone to go to a naturopath and get full blood, urine organic acids, and stool samples for fatigue, poor skin, lack of ability to lose weight, or constipation (or insert other chronic difficult to treat condition here.) In the case of the naturopath, the patient is paying out of pocket for this sort of treatment and that's free market health care. In the case of large population medicine and insurance/medicare/medicaid, there are not the resources for such an approach. Also, the most bang for the buck in the general population has to come from cheaper, more generic approaches, such as education and motivational interviewing about exercise, proper eating, and sleep…then if everything is more or less ship shape (or if the problem is disastrous), more investigation is warranted. My bias tends to be toward *less* testing and more listening, common sense, and empirical treatment (with the caveat that you don't want to miss the life-threatening condition, for example, my first break psychosis patients will get directed toward that MRI, low yield though it may be, so as not to miss the occasional brain tumor).

With no further ado:

Targeted Diet Interventions in Autistic Spectrum Disorders

And via Paul Whiteley: Autism, Treating the Whole Person


  1. I think it would be hard to get most people generally healthy without at a blood test. On this side of the 49th parallel, most people have a blood test by the time they reach middle-age, typically for a lipid profile and glucose. If the doctors check a few extra boxes on the blood lab request, it wouldn't add much to the cost and could pick up some important health concerns.

    I'm diagnosed with ADHD and Asperger's (I still say Asperger's even though the DSM-5 calls it ASD). After asking my doctor for a full blood test, I found my B12 was barely above 200 pmol/L. Getting my B12 levels up with a boost of cyanocobalmin shots followed by sublingual methylcobalmin tablets improved my frustration tolerance more than 60mg/day of atomoxetine.

    Another reason I think the blood tests are needed is to confront people with the reality of their poor health. You can tell people that they can improve their health by limiting refined carbs, but they are unlikely to change until they their blood test reveals they are diabetic. Even then, many are unlikely to change, but at least their doctor may be able to lessen the ongoing damage with a metformin prescription...

    1. I would agree with you…I pretty much check everyone's B12, TSH, and a basic CBC, vitamin D, and other labs if indicated. But everyone who comes to my door is not going to get complete metabolic panels and stool tests and fasting beta hydroxybutyrate…not until we know whether or not the tests are useful, and if they help us do something different, or if the results (as you point out) are motivating, such as a dropping HbA1C for someone who goes from poorly controlled diabetes to better control.

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