Friday, August 5, 2011

AHS is here!

My presentation with Jamie is this afternoon at 1:55 pm at Rolfe Hall.  Bigger post with pictures later… yesterday I was thrilled to meet (or meet again) seemingly most of the Paleoblogosphere, including Jamie Scott, Melissa McEwen, Chris Masterjohn, John Durant, Stephan Guyenet, Mark Sisson, Paul and Shou-Ching Jaminet, Dave Csonska, Andrew from Evolvify, Denise Minger, Richard Nikoley, Mike and Mary Dan Eades, Robb Wolf, Brent Pottenger, Jimmy Moore, and a bunch of other amazing people.  From the looks of them, they practice what they preach (everyone really looked terrific.)

I'll see many of you (perhaps) around UCLA today.


  1. Will it be available online? I'd really like to see it, but unfortunately couldn't make it from VA this year.

  2. Sorry I missed you. There is just too much going on!

  3. when are the videos coming up?


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