Thursday, February 9, 2012

Upcoming Talks and Topics

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Time is flying by and my clinic is very busy, and the phone is ringing off the hook, but I did want to take a moment to list the planned upcoming talks and panels for the year (so far):

March 14-18 at PaleoFX12.  I will be on a panel about addressing the psychology of change.  Very excited to have a reason to go down to Austin for a long weekend, as it is my home town and where many of my lifelong friends live.

May 23rd at the Massachusetts Psychiatric Society Geriatric Interest Group meeting in Wellesley, Massachusetts.  I'll be doing a talk for psychiatrists who specialize in treating the elderly on Evolutionary Medicine and Alzheimer's Disease.  I'm thrilled for this opportunity to speak to my peers, as I've trained in conservative institutions, and I have the tendency to believe that any psychiatrist who reads my blog will think I'm a crackpot.  For this reason I'm sure the talk will be squeaky clean with regards to literature references and the best accuracy I can muster, and hopefully exciting and thought-provoking for the attendees.

August 9-12 at the Ancestral Health Symposium 2012 in Cambridge.  I'll be doing a short presentation and will really enjoy seeing all my paleosphere friends again.

I have also been asked about possibly speaking for the Boston-area Paleo Interest group perhaps in the spring but I believe we were going to regroup after holidays/winter, as it is nearly useless making plans when there might be a big snowstorm (ironically the only one we've had was last October, the day before I spoke at Harvard Law School!)

My plan for upcoming blog topics:  Finally, at long last, for real, the Thyroid, with a focus on psychiatric implications.  The first in this series may even come tonight… but more likely tomorrow.

And then I plan to take on that interesting alt med diagnosis known as adrenal fatigue.

I still have stacks of other interesting papers, plus the new ones that come up.  Always more interesting things than I could possibly have time to look into.  And a number of books that need book reviews.  Any tremendously wealthy reader willing to sponsor a year's salary so I can catch up is more than welcome to do so ;-) Of course then I would be spoiled for any future clinical endeavors and lose my usefulness as an active, front-lines interpreter of the literature, so perhaps I'm much better off with the status quo.

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